Ontario Family Travel will focus on the exploration of the province and recount the goods on how children and family units with accessibility needs can navigate their way around. From accommodations of all levels and affordability to museums to sporting events, festivals, road trips, food and drink, OntarioFamilyTravel.com will cover it all.

Kathryn Dickson, also known as Kathrynanywhere selfie in a Jeep

Kathryn Dickson

Kathryn is best known as the Chief Imagination Officer at KathrynAnywhere. As the publisher behind Ontario Family Travel, Kathryn
is creating a family travel database for the province of Ontario.
In her “spare” time, she’s an award winning travel writer and television editor and is also a post production supervisor in Toronto’s film and television industry.

Miss M
Explorer and thinker

Miss M has been exploring with her Mom, Kathryn since she was born. She didn’t have a choice in the matter.
Now an inquisitive teen, she’s accomplished in academics and aquatics.
She aspires to be an author when she grows up.

Z Man
Chief Adventure taker

Z Man is often found asking “where does this path go?” as he runs down it before we have a chance to look it up.
He is an aspiring drummer and will most likely FaceTime his Mom one day while skydiving.

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If you have an idea or a pitch, please drop us a line. Visit our contact us page!

Would You Like To Work With Ontario Family Travel?

Let’s connect to further discuss my television career, my past and upcoming travels, adventures, blogging, media coverage or predicted family travel trends. I can help you with original editorial and photographic placement in local media outlets. If you can’t cross that frozen waterfall and need someone who can for content creation, let’s have a conversation.
We are happy to thoroughly explore your destination and create a professionally written, SEO-optimized article, complete with social media coverage for a long-term advertising solution.
Reviews of apparel, gear and equipment are also available. I’m also able to pitch stories and videos to a variety of different print and digital media outlets. Feel free to get in touch via out contact us page!
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